The Company


Budson was founded in 1993 in São José dos Campos city to meet the demand in foreign trade procedures.

Since then, the quality of services provided has allowed Budson to grow, open its unit in Santos/SP and develop employees in the national customs areas.

With the significant increase in business and customers in 2013, we implemented the Quality Management System.

In 2015, we started the activities of our Headquarters in Jardim Aquarius – São José dos Campos, which today has an expanding team, specialized and recognized by clients and partners for their capacity, transparency and security.

Our specialty is international freight forwarding, customs clearance and consultancy in foreign trade.

During our journey, we have operated and acquired experience in several types of processes in the automotive chain, aeronautics, medical and hospital, food, chemical, and other sectors.

Ethics and Compliance Code.

We aim at growth within ethical principles and the satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders, seeking to maintain a solid reputation, with an awareness of our social and environmental responsibility. Our Ethics and Compliance Code includes guidelines of conduct based on ethical and moral standards, which serve as a reference for the behavior of collaborators, internal and external, applying to all staff members in the exercise of their functions.


Global Performace.

We are more than a foreign trade company, we are mainly facilitators of logistical processes in Brazil and worldwide.

Budson has the capacity to serve the entire national territory, ensuring quality of services in the main ports, airports and customs units (EADI) - dry ports. Our global presence guarantees a “Door-to-Door” experience, from the manufacturer to the end customer, integrating the supply chain.

Clients and

With our trajectory, we are able to serve clients from different segments, establish more than just a commercial relationship, we focus on partnership, cooperation and promotion of solutions that facilitate and satisfy our clients' work. The same principle applies to our suppliers, as we believe in the importance of corporate relationships.

Our main customers are concentrated in the following segments:

Productive Capacity
of Services.

Our services and assistance rely on a combination of techniques, knowledge, experiences and other capabilities in a journey of constant improvement. In addition, the factors that make these results possible are summarized in the capacity of processes, services and knowledge matrix.

Process Capability and
Personalized Follow-up.

As a dynamic and adaptable company, we are able to adapt to the number of monthly processes required among all the services within our scope, valuing the transparency of information with our clients, meeting deadlines, compliance, in addition to the centralization and operations follow up.

Technical knowledge

For better interaction and information exchange, Budson invests on our collaborators technical training in all the necessary steps, in addition to other forms of learning such as courses and constant knowledge updating.