International Freight Forwarding

The purpose of freight forwarding is to ensure that the goods reach their destination in the fastest way, always observing every characteristic and particularity of each shipment, using different types of modals such as air, sea, road and rail, individually or in combination.

Budson, as a regular international cargo agent, has agreements with shippers and service providers in the main ports and airports in Brazil and the world, seeking to intermediate the best conditions to organize and certify the integration of the logistical processes.

Air Freight

Whenever there is an urgent need for cargo delivery, air freight is the solution. Budson has established business relationships with airlines, enabling us to offer and tailor the needs of each event. We take care of the air fright of your merchandise, no matter the format or the place it is. Learn about our solutions.

Sea Freight

It is impossible to imagine society as it is today without international trade relations, with countries with natural resources or supplying raw materials, industrialized products and equipment. This is what we call globalization, and it creates an interdependence among nations. Thus, International Long-Haul Maritime Transport is extremely important. In the concept of logistical efficiency, Budson operates in Foreign Trade offering each customer regular shipments and large volume transportation, always seeking the best conditions according to the needs of each shipment.

Customs Process Management

We provide importers and exporters with security, credibility and agility in the customs clearance of their processes. With a team of specialized and qualified professionals, based on the use of modern operating systems and technology resources, we guarantee efficiency in customs clearance services.

Our Customs Advisory department has vast expertise in Special Customs Regime processes, in its most varied types, as a common feature of the exception to the general rule of application of taxes required on import or export, in addition to the possibility of differentiated treatment in customs controls.

  • Admission and Temporary Export
  • Import of Used Equipment
  • Drawback
  • Certified Bonded Warehouse (DAC – Depósito Alfandegado Certificado) and Delivered under Customs Bond (DUB): Allows goods sold abroad to be stored in Brazilian territory in a bonded location (DAC).
  • Customs Warehouse
  • Customs Transit Declaration (DTA)
  • Claim for Ex-Tariff
  • Tax Classification of Goods
  • Feasibility study of Comex projects
  • Enablement in the RADAR System

Cabotage Modality Door x Door

Defined as national navigation carried out through sea and rivers. Our services allow offering door-to-door transportation, that is, from the supplier's factory to delivery to the customer, integrating road and sea modes, with transport management and information flow.

Special projects

Our projects division is specialized and able to meet special needs that require knowledge and proven experience for the success of operations. We manage and operate the most different projects, transfers of industrial plants and special loads such as heavy and large materials, restricted materials, controlled materials and new and used equipment.